Commercial Roofing Services: New Orleans, Covington, Mandeville and the Northshore (Louisiana)

Jaymar Construction Commercial Silicone Roofing Services for the New Orleans areas and Northshore of Louisiana

Jaymar Construction commercial roofing services include silicone coatings by the most experienced and professional staff serving the New Orleans and Northshore Louisiana areas. We can meet with you to discuss the best silicone roof coating products for your roofing project. We take everything into account, including elasticity, silicone product specifications, as well as the unique requirements of your project.

Silicone Coating Benefits for  New Orleans Commercial Roofing

    • Long lasting – 20+ years when applied professionally by Jaymar Construction
    • Provides quick curing which helps keep the commercial project on track
    • Unparalleled in roofing flexibility and strength
    • Withstands the sometimes extreme hot and cold weather of the New Orleans and Northshore areas
    • Durability even in the midst of pools, or ponds, of water collecting on the roof

If you have a commercial roofing project and would like to talk with us about silicone roofing options,  call Jaymar Construction at (985) 643-4752 (Slidell) or  (504) 523-6437 (New Orleans). For a commercial silicone roof services quote,  just fill out our online quote form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Read our Roofing FAQs for more information on roof coatings and what to expect in a roofing contractor.