Louisiana and Mississippi Insulated Concrete Form

Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms

Louisiana and Mississippi insulated concrete form structures

The pictures above are of a storm shelter under construction on a refinery site.  The last picture shows a concrete roof being finished on a Storm Shelter in Texas.

Tornadoes, hurricanes and straight line winds from thunderstorms can severely damage your home and endanger the safety of you and your family. Lower your risk with an ICF storm shelter.

Louisiana And Mississippi Insulated Concrete Form Storm Shelters Offer Unique Safety Features For Any Home. Jaymar Construction, A Icf Certified Contractor,  Can Build An Above Ground Structure That Conforms To Fema Codes For Safe Rooms And Shelters.

These storm shelters can be designed and built to withstand 250 mph wind loads. We can also install walk doors, windows and garage doors that can withstand these winds as well as missile impact, offering a last redoubt for hurricane or tornadic conditions.

Jaymar Construction can design these structures to compliment the architectural design of your existing home. They can be built with sacrificial roofs, siding, brick or stucco finishes as well as choice of interior and exterior finishes.

What Is A Storm Shelter?

A storm shelter is a stand alone hardened shelter accommodating a larger number of people rather than the smaller safe rooms integrated into other residential or commercial structures.

FEMA’s P-361 guidelines offer detailed design criteria for building community and private storm shelters, and go beyond the International Code Council 500 building designs for safe structures.  These are also are recognized by the National Storm Shelter Association as the leading guidelines for storm shelter construction.

What Is A Safe Room?

FEMA’s definition is a “hardened” room that is intended to provide a space of refuge. It must be a “room within a room,” meaning walls, ceiling and floor must be structurally separate from the rest of the house, so that even if the surrounding house is destroyed the safe room will remain intact. The safe room should be easily accessible from any part of your home.  Following FEMA’s 320 guidelines and criteria, you can expect “near absolute” protection from winds and debris during a storm with winds as high as 250 mph.

Research has shown that you can’t get this kind of protection from anything other than reinforced concrete construction.

Why A Quad-Lock Safe Room Or Storm Shelter?

With Quad-Lock Insulated Concrete Form walls, a Quad-Deck roof and reinforced concrete, you can build a completely integrated, “hardened room” to keep you and your loved ones safe in the event of a natural disaster.  A Quad-Lock safe room can easily be integrated into any new home design. Alternatively, Jaymar Construction may be able to retro-fit a Quad-Lock safe room into your existing home or business (with architectural and engineering support).

Quad-Lock ICF offers time and cost saving construction of stand alone storm shelters on your property.  These buildings can be used as a garage, workshop, or shed, as well as a place of refuge during weather related crisis. Download this Insulated Concrete Form Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms Brochure.


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