Mandeville, Covington, New Orleans Insulated Concrete Form Storm Shelters and Safe RoomsStand alone hardened insulated concrete form (ICF) storm shelters have the space to keep  your family, or larger group of people, safe from high velocity winds up to 250mph and larger than safe rooms. With FEMA’s P-361 guidelines there is a detailed design for building community and private storm shelters.  The National Storm Shelter Association has recognized FEME’s P-361 guidelines as the leading guideline for storm shelter construction. With this in mind, Jaymar Construction builds the highest quality ICF storm shelters adhering to the safest guidelines.

Jaymar Construction’s ICF Safe Rooms give New Orleans, Louisiana residents what they’re looking for in a Safe Room

Jaymar Construction’s ICF Safe Rooms comply with FEMA’s definition of  a “hardened” room intended to provide a space of refuge from winds up to 250mph and must be a “room within a room”. This means that our ICF safe rooms are constructed so that walls, ceiling and floor are structurally separate from the rest of the house. Specializing in Quad-Lock ICF walls, a Quad-Deck roof and reinforced concrete, you and your family will be safe in the event of a natural disaster.  Visit our ICF page to read more about the advantages of Quad-Lock ICF construction.

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*Please be advised to check for guidelines regarding types of construction allowed in your particular flood zone.