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Greater New Orleans Commercial Roofing Considerations

At Jaymar Construction, we are a multi-service construction company that is certified and licensed in roofing services. Services include metal roof coating, and TPO and EPDM roofing. We also offer modified bit, with acrylic elastomeric and urethane roofing products. Our highly skilled mechanics and roofing specialists have been factory trained by the manufacturers.  Our coating specialists are well suited for your commercial roofing needs.

Covington and New Orleans Commercial Roofing with Jaymar Construction Promises:

    • We keep you up to date with what commercial roofing products we recommend. Additionally, we ensure that you understand what the product is specifically designed for, what it can be applied to, and how long has this manufacturer has been in business for your commercial roofing projects.
    • We keep you informed about the warranties available on your commercial roofing product, and what is, and isn’t, covered.
    • Our roofing mechanics and specialists are factory trained, certified, experienced, and highly skilled commercial roofing experts.
    • We provide samples of our products, as well as a list of other commercial roofing projects we have used them on.
    • At Jaymar Construction, we are fully licensed.
    • We are familiar with the products we use and can answer any questions, or suggest another product, to ensure that the best suited roofing product is used for your particular project.
    • We offer thermographic services for infrared inspections on your commercial roofing project.

If you would like a quote, contact us and we get back with you as soon as possible, so we can see how we can work with you on your next commercial roofing project!

Listed below are FAQ’s that should be considered to determine if silicone roof coatings are right for your Louisiana or Mississippi roofing project.

What is the flexibility of this roofing product?

Elasticity test results show the ability of a roofing product to stretch as the roof moves.

Does this product have Miami-Dade, FM, UL, Energy Star or other certifications?

These testing certifications are costly to manufacturers to attain but they not only show the level of commitment these manufacturers have in their product, but also give a good indication of expected performance under adverse conditions.

If ponding water exist - Does the manufacturer warrant this product to ponding water?

Many roofs have some ponding water that over time some coatings may break down.

How will seams and fasteners be treated during this installation process?

On metal roofs the most common leaks occur at the fasteners and panel seams. The detail work performed on these components as specified by the manufacturer are vital so it’s important to see what the manufacturer requires in order to issue warranty.

How long is the curing process before the product is water resistant?

Climate conditions dictate different time frames for curing. A water based product, if not cured before a rain event, can wind up on the side of your building instead of on the roof.

Does this product have any fire resistance?

Quality roofing coatings have a fire rating that can help if a nearby fire results in hot embers on your roof.

If there is damage to this roof coating, how easily can it be repaired?

The key to any roof is maintenance. When some damage does happen, you want your roofing contractor to facilitate a repair without requiring a total re-coat.

What is the UV reflectivity of this roofing product?

Many quality coatings have a reflectivity of 70% – 90%. What this means to you is that it is as much as 15 degrees cooler under that roof resulting in a substantial reduced cooling cost.

Any further questions or for a comprehensive quote, call Jaymar Commercial Roofing in Slidell at (985) 643-4752 or in New Orleans at (504) 523-6437.